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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Even in the best kept homes, wall-to-wall carpeting requires periodic professional cleaning to maintain its like-new condition. Tracked in soil, body oil from feet, and spots and spills require the attention of a specialist.

The person providing the service is always the most important element in a satisfactory cleaning experience. Bill Corridan provides a thorough and safe cleaning. He follows the internationally accepted cleaning standards of The Clean Trust.

Having over 20 years of experience, being a Master Cleaning Technician, and serving years as a Senior Carpet Inspector, Bill will know if your carpets require special cleaning procedures and what to do in unusual situations. In most cases, on-location cleaning will be performed using the state-of-the art, truck-mounted, steam-cleaning equipment with the safest industry approved cleaning solutions.

Standard Procedures for Carpet Cleaning:

  • Discussion with you to determine the areas and items to be cleaned and any specific concerns or relevant history
  • Discuss any furniture needing to be moved and the expect time for drying
  • Thorough inspection of the carpet to determine the fiber content and to identify any concerns that may not have been mentioned
  • Dry vacuum the carpets
  • Prepare the rooms for cleaning
  • Carefully lay out hoses and cleaning equipment
  • Pre-condition the carpets
  • Extraction clean the carpets with appropriate tools
  • Treat any remaining stains
  • Restore carpet protector
  • If required, accelerate drying with fans
  • Return moved furniture to original location with the appropriate plastic tabs or blocks to protect furniture from damp carpet
  • Groom the carpet if needed
  • Carefully remove all cleaning equipment from the home
  • Final quality check
  • Closing discussion with you about the cleaning results, answer questions, and collect payment
  • All work is 100% guaranteed and comes with a 30-day, spot & spill warranty covering accidents that may occur following the cleaning.

Bill is always a phone call away to answer questions concerning spot cleaning or any other concern about your carpet.

Bill Corridan — Owner