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Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstered furniture needs periodic professional cleaning. Spots, spills, and transferred body oils become noticeable and detract from the furniture’s original beauty. What often is not as obvious, is the accumulation of ground in dust that degrade the vibrant fabric colors. It is amazing how much dust upholstered furniture can collect in just one year. Professional cleaning not only removes the obvious soils but brightens and restores the soft feel and fresh smell.

Delicate Fabric

In contrast to 99% of carpet made of synthetic fibers, most upholstery fabric contains delicate natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, rayon, and wool. In the same way that certain clothing fabrics require special cleaning, so too does upholstery fabric.

Training, Experience, and Expertise

Bill Corridan has been cleaning delicate upholstery furniture for over 20 years. He is a Clean Trust certified upholstery cleaning specialist and has been mentored by the country’s leading upholstery cleaning expert. Bill knows how to Identify challenging fabrics and how to clean them safely.

Safely Cleaned on Location

Most upholstered fabrics can be thoroughly and safely cleaned on location, avoiding the risk of moving it and having it gone for a week.

All furniture is cleaned according to the internationally accepted standards of The Clean Trust. Generally, the most thorough and safe cleaning is accomplished using a damp extraction method. The key to success is knowing the amount of moisture that your particular fabric is allowed to be exposed to. Prior to cleaning Bill will thoroughly inspect and test the fabric for its sensitivity to moisture.

Dry Cleaning?

The industry rarely recommends the use of “dry cleaning” for overall soil removal. Labeled cleaning tips on some furniture recommend “dry cleaning” for consumer spot cleaning attempts. The manufactures recognize that use of water on these fabrics by untrained consumers can lead to shrinkage, color migration, and creating water rings. “Dry cleaning” solvents have limited positive affect on removing most soiling. At the conclusion of the labeled cleaning tips, you will find it recommends professional cleaning.

Power Vacuum Option

Another option for furniture, that gets infrequent use and also for drapery, is to have it Power Vacuumed. All furniture and drapery can be safely vacuumed using truck-mounted equipment. This process is many times more effective than consumer vacuums and Bill has the professional tools to get effective and safe results. This cleaning is the ideal solution for furniture that have no specific visible spots and soiling but needs the colors brightened and the fresh smell returned. This process comes at a fraction of the cost of standard cleaning. Bill would be glad to give you a demonstration of the cleaning power.

Keep Upholstery Looking Clean and Fresh

Call today to schedule a cleaning to restore the like-new condition of your furniture. Bill would be glad to answer questions and give you an estimate.

All work is 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction and comes with a 30 day spot and spill warranty to cover any unfortunate accidents that may occur following the cleaning.

Bill is always a phone call away to answer questions concerning spot cleaning or any other concern about your upholstery.

Bill Corridan — Owner