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Professionally applying fiber protector


Fiber ProTector™

Fiber and Fabric Protection
for Fine Rugs and Furniture

Fiber ProTector is the most advanced and innovative fiber protection available today. It is specially designed to repel stains and soil, provides UV protection, reduces static electricity, and helps inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

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Prestige works with Homeowners and Interior Designers

Homeowners: Prestige will professionally apply protector to upholstered furniture and area rugs. I treat both fabric and leather. Rug treatments range from oriental and navajo to modern designer rugs. The treatments preserve your investments and prolong the cleanliness of your home at the same time.

Interior Designers: Prestige is an industry partner with American Society of Interior Designers. I help designers protect a variety of textiles while simultaneously extending the life of their designs.

Professionally applying fiber protector

The Finest, World-Class Fiber Protector
for your Fine Rugs and Furniture Upholstery

Applied Professionally and Carefully
by Bill Corridan — for Optimum Results

Protecting a couch from liquid spills

Keep your Home's Textiles Looking and Performing at their Best

Fiber ProTector® is a premium product which was established in Norway in 1995, and it was introduced into the United States in 2005.

It is the best protector in the World at providing an effective barrier against water- and oil-based spills — allowing easier stain release and removal.

Prestige is partnering with Fiber ProTector® to bring you the best protector of textiles in the World.

Fiber ProTector® is continually improving and testing their products (often in independent laboratories) for effectiveness and safety.

It's completely transparent, and it causes no visible changes to your textile.

enviro seal certified protector for furniture and rugs

When compared to the most popular chemical and silicone-based protectors Fiber ProTector® performed the best according to an independent lab in Dalton, Georgia.

It's also the only protector in the World with the EnviroSeal Certification From WoolSafe.

Prestige is ready to offer you the very best in protection for the finest textiles in your home.

This partnership is another example of the commitment that Prestige Carpet Care offers you — all the very best in technology and craftsmanship that the cleaning industry has to offer.

When a top-quality protector is applied by a skilled technician, the protector works very well to block spilled liquids and dry soils from bonding to the fibers that can cause permanent spots and stains, and sometimes physical damage to the fibers.

Protector works very well, and we absolutely recommend it for all new rugs and furniture as well as after most professional cleanings. When Prestige professionally applies a top-quality protector to your favorite furniture, we groom it carefully into the fabric so we apply perfectly even coats of protector to the fibers, individually.

After years research, we have chosen to partner with Fiber ProTector®. We have found that Fiber ProTector® of America is the best performing line of protector products for our clients and designers.

Equally as important to the type of protector chosen, is how it is applied! We are specifically trained and educated on the top-quality specialized solutions and equipment to ensure maximum safety and protection of your textiles.

Fabric Protector

Prestige advises having your finest furniture, rugs, and carpeting be treated with fabric protection to help prevent staining and soiling from accidental spills. Wool rugs are generally sold without any type of protection. A high-quality protector that is professionally applied will prolong the life of the investment you've made in your textiles.


Fiber ProTector® was originally designed for the high-end cabins and public areas of luxury European cruise ships. It was specifically formulated to stand up to the rigorous, high-traffic environments, to keep the cabins clean and healthy for quick turn-around in ports.

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Benefits of Protector

  • Coats individual fibers through the use of nanotechnology, shielding it against liquid spills and dry soils
  • Suspends liquid spills momentarily for easy clean up (so it doesn't submerge down into the fibers immediately)
  • Helps with dusting and vacuuming, because the protector has coated the fibers on a molecular level so dirt can't get as embedded.
  • You get better cleaning results with future professional cleanings, and we have a better chance of removing difficult stains including pet spots.
  • You may be able to go longer between professional cleanings (for all reasons stated above).
  • All Fiber Protector products come with a built-in UV protection to help avoid sun fading.
  • Professional Protection is the best way to protect your investments.
  • Protector is the only way to protect natural fibers such as wool and delicate fibers such as viscose/rayon, silk, linen, chenille, jute sisal, etc.
  • Fiber Protector is chemically inert once dry, which makes it safe for your family and your pets
  • Fiber Protector creates a bacteriostatic environment which prevents the spread of bacteria, mold, and fungus.
  • Improves your home's air quality since your textiles will no longer attract and hold dirt, dust, allergens, mold, bacteria, and mildew.
Professionally applying fiber protector

Fiber ProTector® Products
Have Been Thoroughly Tested

Fiber Protector continually improves and tests their products for efficacy and quality control through independent laboratories.

If you'd like to see test results, please visit the Fiber Protector of America testing page where they list the benefits, and the tests results that support those benefits!

We carry the full line of Fiber ProTector® Products in order to match your particular needs.

We will choose the most appropriate solution each of your home's finest textiles — for each fine rug or piece of furniture — based on fiber type.

Let Prestige be your Trusted Partner in
Fine Fiber Protection
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Professionally applying fiber protector
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Prestige Offers These Services


Even in the best kept homes, your quality carpeting requires periodic professional cleaning to maintain its like-new condition. Tracked-in soil, body oil from feet, and spots and spills require the attention of a specialist.



Upholstered furniture needs periodic professional cleaning. Spots, spills, and transferred body oils become noticeable and detract from the furniture’s original beauty.

We also clean outdoor furniture cushions.


Oriental Rug

We take special care with area rugs which also need periodic cleaning. Keep your area rugs in bright, clean, healthy condition with a professional cleaning.


Hardwood Floor

Preserve the beauty and life of your hardwood floors. With professional maintenance you can double or triple the life of your floors before they need refinishing. We can deep clean your floors and apply a preservation coating that maintains the integrity of and protects your original finish.