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Designer area rugs and Oriental rugs require professional cleaning to safely maintain their beauty, value, and longevity. Prestige Carpet Cleaning has been caring for delicate rugs for over twenty years.

Your valuable rugs will be in the best hands. Bill Corridan is internationally certified by The Clean Trust as a Master Textile Cleaner, and he is an Approved Service Provider by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

All rugs are cleaned according to the International Cleaning Standards of the IICRC. Each rug is carefully inspected prior to cleaning for color-fastness, durability, and pre-existing or unusual conditions. Since all rugs are unique, Bill will choose a specific cleaning procedure for each rug to ensure that the most thorough and safe cleaning results are obtained.

Please see our 8-Step Professional Rug Cleaning Process!

We use only state-of-the-art and safe techniques, equipment, and cleaning solutions. Since the best results are obtained in a controlled environment, we will take your rugs to our specialty shop to be cleaned. Your freshly cleaned rugs will be returned to you in approximately one week.

Bill is always a phone call away to answer questions concerning spot cleaning or any other concern about your area rugs.


Fine Oriental & Persian Rugs

Rugs today are either hand-knotted, flat-woven or machine-made. The level of care and detail to protect and safely care for your unique textile is critical. We follow industry guidelines by using WoolSafe approved cleaning solutions.

Therefore, regular cleaning of your fine rugs will prolong their life and help keep colors looking fresh and new.

It is advised that rugs exposed to heavy traffic be cleaned every year.

Fabric Protector

We advise having your rugs treated with fabric protection to help prevent staining and soiling, as wool rugs are generally sold without any type of protection. This will prolong the life of your investment in this valuable home furnishing.


Rug Padding

Proper rug padding provides a protective layer between your rug and the floor.

Padding helps to:

  • minimize slippage
  • increase the life of the rug
  • make the rug feel thicker and more luxurious,
  • smooth out irregularities in the floor
  • absorb noise
  • protect your rug from heavy furniture

All pads are not created equally, and we are here to help. Let us help you by cutting you the proper pad for your rugs.

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Prestige Offers These Services


Even in the best kept homes, your quality carpeting requires periodic professional cleaning to maintain its like-new condition. Tracked-in soil, body oil from feet, and spots and spills require the attention of a specialist.



Upholstered furniture needs periodic professional cleaning. Spots, spills, and transferred body oils become noticeable and detract from the furniture’s original beauty.

We also clean outdoor furniture cushions.


Oriental Rug

We take special care with area rugs which also need periodic cleaning. Keep your area rugs in bright, clean, healthy condition with a professional cleaning.


Hardwood Floor

Preserve the beauty and life of your hardwood floors. With professional maintenance you can double or triple the life of your floors before they need refinishing. We can deep clean your floors and apply a preservation coating that maintains the integrity of and protects your original finish.