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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Preserve the beauty and life of your hardwood floors. With professional maintenance you can double or triple the life of your floors before they need refinishing. We can deep clean your floors and apply a preservation coating that maintains the integrity of and protects your original finish.

This process removes the deep soil and grit that standard household products cannot remove. Your floors will be renewed and ready to use in a matter of hours. There is no messy sanding or great inconvenience to you.

Our Three Step Process:

  1. We deep clean and prepare your floor finish to receive a new preservation finish. We use a professional machine with a high-speed rotating brush that lays down a specialty cleaner, safely agitates the solution, and then removes it, leaving the floor dry.
  2. A neutralizing rinse is applied to remove any remaining residue, leaving the floor squeaky clean and ready for the final step.
  3. Finally a Satin or Gloss Preservation Finish is applied. This is a thin and durable coating designed to fill the micro scratches caused by normal use. This non-yellowing coating removes the dullness caused from micro scratches.

This process restores the brilliance to your hardwood floors. This maintenance procedure is not intended to remove deep scratches or repair damage. This is a trouble-free way for you to keep the beautiful like-new look of your hardwood floors.

Bill Corridan — Owner