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Understanding White Knots

Do you notice some white knots in your oriental rugs?

Those noticeable white knots in oriental rugs are an inherent characteristic of authentic oriental rugs. The small white spots that appear randomly spaced in a few, or sometimes many, places on the surface of your rugs are very common.

These knots are actually knots from the rug's cotton foundation yarns that have worked their way up to the surface of the rug. The oriental rug's pile is actually hand-knotted onto a foundation of yarns. In most oriental rugs, this foundation is composed of off-white or light colored cotton yarns.

In this 2 & half-minute video, "Understanding White Knots", we show you where white knots come from, and why they may seem to show up more after a rug cleaning.

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It is advised that rugs exposed to heavy traffic be cleaned every year.