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Area Rugs:
Understanding Viscose Rugs

Viscose is a man-made fabric made from wood pulp and cotton byproducts that is used to make some area rugs. Noted for its incredibly soft, genuine silk-like qualities, it is sometimes referred to as:
Art Silk
Faux Silk
Bamboo Silk
and some other names, too.

In this 4-minute video, we show how many rugs marketed as "silk" may be made from viscose fibers instead. This material presents unique challenges for those who own them and clean them, because they are not very durable.

This type of rug really needs to be cleaned by a professional. As a professional cleaner, we need to take special care when washing viscose rugs.

Please watch the video for more information.

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It is advised that rugs exposed to heavy traffic be cleaned every year.